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Medal necklace to personalize

Medals in gold plated or 925 sterling silver are jewels both trendy and sentimental. Trends by their style and the fineness of the editing but also sentimental thanks to the message that they can transmit. Our medal necklaces are indeed customizable thanks to an engraving. You are free to personalize your medal with an engraved message that belongs only to you. We regularly engrave first names, declarations of love, messages of friendship or even fetish dates. The model of Sautoir Family is composed of a medal, a long chain, a pompon in chains and a trio of pearls. We offer a collection of long necklaces in various shades in order to satisfy you. No one doubts that the recipient of this necklace will appreciate a personal engraved message and full of attentions.

A customizable medal necklace

For a Mother's Day, a Valentine's Day or a birthday, please the one you love with a personalized gift. Our trendy jumpsuits appeal to women of all ages. The little more of our medal sautoirs? Customization! The medal of the necklace is indeed customizable with an engraving. Take this opportunity to make this unique jewel! A personalized necklace will give a fancy touch to your look. You can choose a gold-plated necklace or a silver necklace.