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Personalised children's jewellery

We offer a wide range of personalised children’s jewellery. Fantasy jewellery is appreciated by little girls as well as by little boys. At Petits Trésors we attach great importance to ensuring that children, no matter their age, appreciate our jewellery. The youngest can find jewellery adapted to their small wrist and cute taste. Older children adore our more discreet line.

Personalised jewellery for girls

Little girls have a desire to differentiate themselves. Our personalised children’s jewellery is fun and colourful. Furthermore you can engrave a message on the jewel to make it even more customized. Personalised jewellery for girls is a great present idea. You can offer jewellery as unique as the little girl you want to please. Our pendants and jewellery are adapted to the taste of young girls : hearts, flowers, butterflies and many more deck our products. Teens will also be pleased with our engraved jewellery : may it be to congratulate the recipient or to send a message of love.

Personalised jewellery for boys

Jewellery is not the appanage of young girls. Our military plaques have an amazing success amongst young boys. You can select the material of your jewellery. Leather, chain or fabric : everything is made to facilitate the customisation of your gift. Bracelet, necklace, medal, the choice is extensive and you will surely find something to your taste. May you be searching for original jewellery or for personalised jewellery for boys, you can be sure to find what you are looking for at Petits Trésors.

May it be for boys or girls, personalised jewellery is a great way to show you care!

Engraved jewellery for children

The personalization process is complete only when you finally select the message you want to engrave on the jewel. If you wish to celebrate a birth, a birthday, a baptism or any other religious celebration, engraved jewellery for children is the solution! You choose the jewellery you desire, the choose the message you want to convey. You can write a name, a date or a message : anything you want for a fully customized attention! Every personalised children's jewellery has an original engraving, made in our Lyon workshop. The jewel thus becomes a little part of you, that you offer to the one you cherish. At Petits Tresors, the jewellery is adapted to the size and sensitivity of a child’s wrist or neck. Our children line presents various medals that please toddlers as much as teenagers. We even have a special mini-token bracelet for babies! If you were seduced by our children line, do not hesitate to visit our Personalised jewellery for her and personalised jewellery for him. You can find similar jewels for children and for parents, thus creating a family set, which is more convivial than a lone jewel. We remain at your disposition to help you make your choice to please the younger members of your entourage. Enjoy your visit and order on our website!