Sterling Silver Butterfly Cord Bracelet


Sterling Silver Butterfly Cord Bracelet

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Here is a delicate butterfly cord bracelet that will please both girls and their mothers.
The butterfly medal is mounted on a strong polyester cord. Each custom bracelet is adjustable thanks to the sliding nodes of the cord. We offer different colors of cords. The butterfly cord bracelet is offered with a silver butterfly medal or a gold-plated butterfly medal. The butterfly medal can hold the engraving of your choice: first name, sweet word, fetish number, initials. You can fully customize your butterfly bracelet. Specialists of the cordon bracelet personalized, we also offer other bracelets on cordon with medals star, round and clover. Juggle with shapes and colors and do not hesitate to accumulate the bracelets on your wrist.

Material: Polyester + Silver
Dimensions: 0.8 inch

USD$ 45.00

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