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Personalised jewellery for mums

Every woman loves jewellery. Jewellery is a way to refine the body, to enhance femininity and to keep the ones you love close to you. Our personalised jewellery for mums is a simple way to show your mother you care and to sublimate her. May it be for her birthday, for mothers’ day, for Christmas or for a retirement present, there is no little occasion to give a present to your mum. Petits Trésors is more than just another jewellery e-shop, we offer you the possibility to please and to convey a message thanks to our engraving and the complete customisation of your jewel. Just wander on our website and let yourself pick the jewel your heart sets on, you can be sure she will love it, and so will you!

Personalised jewellery for women

Many women cross our lives, jewellery is a way for you to show some of them how important they are to you. On our website, you can find several types of personalised jewellery for women. A bracelet can be like handcuffs, binding you to the other person. A necklace is a very feminine jewel that she can wear with pride and on many occasions. Little attentions go a long way when you want to show a woman how much you love her. Personalised jewellery for mums is a great way to show her how unique she is.

Engraved jewellery for her

The intention behind a gift is primordial and sometimes a little blurry. Engraving a message on the jewel before offering it is a great way to make sure it is conveyed. You can also write a date that is important to you both. Your mother is one of the people who love you most so writing your name on the medal can be a subtle way for her to keep you close to her at all times. You can be sure to find the ideal jewel for her amongst on our page : personalised jewellery for mum. Whether you are looking for an elegant jewel for an active business woman or a casual one, you will find the best engraved jewellery for her on our website!


Personalised jewellery for her

You can entirely customise your jewel to fit her personality, her looks and your relationship. We offer several materials. Our jewels come in wax cotton cord, leather, silk, beads or chain. As for the medal you can choose for it to be in silver, gold or gold-plating. The medal’s shape is also an important factor in the jewel so we make sure that you have an abundant choice in order to find the perfect personalised jewellery for her. We offer jewels in many sizes and with different types of rigidity : you can be sure to find the jewel that fits your mother best. Feel free to scroll through our collections and do not hesitate to ask us questions, we remain at your service!