Children set

Looking for beautiful jewellery to offer a child? Why not opt for custom jewelry, and even better, a customizable jewelry set? Our custom jewelry sets consist of two matching jewels: a bracelet and a necklace most often. These quality and made in France jewellery are customizable. By customizable, we mean: choice of the colors of the bracelet, thickness of the cord, length of chain, diameter of medal or choice of charms. But the customization doesn't stop there. The heart of our business remains the engraving of jewelry. An art that we have mastered for more than 10 years in the heart of our Lyon workshop in France. Each of our jewelry is customizable with a personal engraving. It can be the engraving of a first name, the engraving of a date of birth, a date of baptism or that of a small nickname. 

Children's jewellery sets to engrave : which personalization to choose? 

When one decides to offer a jewelry set to a child, an existential question arises: what to engrave on his jewelry? There are many choices of engravings to personalize a child's jewel. The most common engraving of children's jewellery is the first name. We see this every day in our workshop but there are many other ideas for engraving. The nickname in particular is increasingly engraved. Why not engrave on your child's jewelry set, date of birth, year of birth or month of birth? These engravings can make a very graphic effect on jewelry. You can also engrave a small personal message that you want to send to the child in question. 

Customizable jewellery adornments for little girls and boys

At Petits Trésors, we are convinced that children's jewelry is not just for little girls. You will find on our online shop, customizable jewelry for little girls as well as for little boys. We find that costume jewellery such as heart pendants and butterfly bracelets are particularly popular with little girls while young boys prefer star bracelets or military plates. On the engraving side, the engraving of the first name or a nickname remains the favorite engraving of young children. Make your children happy with customizable jewelry.

Whe could you offer a personalized jewellery set to a child? 

There are many opportunities to offer a child a piece of jewelry. Baptisms and communions are among the most common events in which custom jewelry sets are offered, usually composed of a bracelet and a medal personalized with the child's first name. We also naturally think of birthdays as well as Christmas, perfect time to the purchase of personalized gifts. Don't forget that apart from jewelry sets, we offer many independent jewelry styles to personalize. You'll definitely find the children's jewelry you need on our online store.