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Father-son, father-daughter, godfather-daughter, there are many male-child duets. Little Treasures wanted to honor these duets through customizable jewelry duets. In order to allow you to express the relationship that unites you, we wanted to give you the freedom to customize your duo of men-child jewelry as you see fit. Bracelets, necklaces, gourmets, pendants... the possibilities are endless. Our experienced jewellers will be happy to engrave your jewelry duo in our French workshop in Lyon.. We can guide you in the choice of your father-son, father-daughter or godfather jewelry duo.

Father-son engraved jewellery duo

You need inspiration to please your son? What if you opted for an original gift: a customizable jewelry duo to share between father and son? For a special occasion like a birthday or Father's Day, it's a gift idea to keep under your elbow! Petits Tresors offers a selection of men's jewelry to share between father and son. "Like father, like son," the saying is the perfect illustration of the collections of duo jewelry for father and son that we wanted to present to you. Each jewel of our duos is customizable: colors, waist, engraving... We do our best to satisfy your desires and offer you a custom jewelry duo.

Father-daughter custom jewellery duo

Is your little girl the apple of your eye? On the occasion of her birthday, you are looking to please her with a unique and personal gift? Why don't you give her a piece of jewelry? Be careful, not just any one! Give her a pair of jewels to share with his dad! Our selection of custom father-daughter jewelry is aimed at all dads and girls who wish to share a beautiful piece of jewellery together. Bracelets or pendants, all our jewelry whether they are offered alone or in the form of a duo are customizable with an engraving. The latter is a unique opportunity to dedicate a message of love to your child and to mark this father-daughter relationship that may be fusional. 

Customizable jewellery duo godfather-daughter

Becoming a godfather means committing to bonding with a child forever. Every year, on the occasion of your goddaughter's birthday, it's the same headache: how to please her and give her a gift that makes sense? Petits Tresors offers you a unique and personal gift: a customizable jewelry duo godfather-daughter. Our jewelry duos consist of two jewels: two bracelets or a bracelet and a necklace.