Matching Woman/Child

Petits Tresors, specialist of personalized jewelry online offers you beautiful jewelry duos to share. Our jewelry selections are aimed at those who wish to share a piece of jewelry in common, a symbol of a bond of love or deep friendship. The compositions of jewelry to be engraved that we propose here concern a duo of a woman and a child , girl or boy. Mother-daughter, mother-son, godmother-daughter, godmother-niece, godmother-nephew... the duos in question are numerous! In order to strengthen the symbolic bond that binds you to your loved one, we propose to have your jewelry engraved in your image. All our engravings are made with the utmost care at the heart of our French workshop in Lyon. 

Mother-daughter engraved jewellery duo

Looking for a mother-daughter gift to share? How about a customizable jewelry duo? Our growing mother-daughter jewelry collection appeals to women of all ages. On the occasion of Mother's Day, a pair of jewels to share between mother and daughter is the perfect personalized gift! Our jewelry duos are customizable to the delight of all! As for engravings, we naturally suggest that you customize your jewelry duets with an engraving that recalls the bond that unites you to your mom or daughter. The engravings "Such a mother, such a girl" or "Never without the other" seem perfect for the occasion. 

Custom jewellery duo godmother-daughter

On the occasion of your goddaughter's birthday, why not offer her a bracelet or a duo necklace to share with you? A jewel is a nice gift and a very nice proof of complicity to be shared between godmother and goddaughter. Our online jewelry store is full of collections all the trendiest than the other. Our minimalist jewelry is discreet at the neck or wrist and is very easy to wear. Whether they are silver or gold-plated, our bracelets and necklaces are all customizable by an engraving, an opportunity to deliver a delicate message to the one to whom you offer it.

Mother-son engraved jewellery duo

Whether you have an only son or several boys at home, you may be looking for an exceptional gift that symbolizes this mother-son relationship. Petits Tresors, jewelry designers for the whole family has selected for you pretty jewelry duos to share between mother and son. Our bracelets duos dress the wrists discreetly. The little extra that makes all the difference? Personalization! All our mother-son jewelry duets are customizable with the engraving of your choice. This jewelry engraving is the perfect opportunity to dedicate a strong message of love to your boy. Personalize your jewel with your favourite color and treat yourself to a pair of jewels that will unite you forever.