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Discover our "first name necklace" selection, all our customizable necklaces with a pendant large enough to engrave a first name. The necklace with first name is a must for the personalized necklace, a timeless and timeless gift idea, a jewel sublimated with letters that make up a first name or a message. With these engraved letters, this jewel becomes a personalized, unique piece of jewelry, with a sentimental value that is added to the value of the jewel itself.

The customizable first name necklace for all occasions in life: Women's first name necklace or child's first name necklace, it is often a jewel of a couple or friendship, you can also wear your own first name, especially for personalized men's "plate" style necklaces. military ". Petits Trésors offers a wide range of vertical or horizontal first name necklaces, with engraving technology allowing any type of writing font (Arabic first name necklace, Russian first name necklace).

If you want to buy only the pendant, visit our personalized pendant category. In case you only want to engrave a letter or initials, we have selected for you the small pendants to constitute an initial necklace category.